Ueno Panda Crush

    • Panda Omiyage from Ueno. Chocolate and strawberry sandwich
    • Ueno Panda Crush

    Ueno Panda Crush


    • $20.00


    When you go travel in a specific  popular place, it is a customary in Japan to bring some Omiyage (souvenir) to your friends and relatives. They are usually candy boxes of a specific treat developed in the place you are going to.

    If you have the chance to go to Tokyo, you must go to the Ueno Zoo which is one of the oldest zoo in the world ! Renown all over the Japan, the biggest attraction remains the pandas who are considered like the mascots of Taito-Ku, the district where the zoo is located.

    Discover a cute and sweet treat with two layers of strawberry flavor and crunchy milk chocolate . The exterior, interior, and contents are all unified with a panda pattern and make a cute and original present to offer !

    • 205g
    • Exclusively Made and Sell in Japan
    • High quality treat
    Ueno Panda Crush
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