Tyrant Habanero Spicy Rings

    • Tyrant Habanero Spicy Rings, super hot pepper snack

    Tyrant Habanero Spicy Rings


    • $3.50


    Tyrant Habanero Rings is a snack developed by the famous manufacturer Tohato .

    A cool and fashionable package containing some delicious and crispy Spicy Habanero Rings. Dedicated to the ones who love  spicy food the name of this hot snack is a reference to the habanero pepper from Mexico, which is known to be one of the world’s hottest chilli peppers.

    Conditioned in a fresh bag  displaying a giant red habanero chilli pepper with a mischievous smile, these scrumptious and salty snacks are made from increased onion, chicken and garlic. With the addition of habanero powder, we have reached here the perfect balance between hell and spiciness.

    Dare to eat them and challenge your friends to try out these crazy spicy crackers, but be careful they are solely dedicated to the people that can stand hot food as the spice indicator is rated 5/5 !

    • 105g
    • Product of Japan
    • Best Seller in Japan
    • Tohato Snack quality



    Dried potatoes (not genetically modified), vegetable fats and oils, peppers, salt, garlic powder, sugar, onion powder, yeast extract powder, glucose, protein hydrolyzate, vegetable extract powder, chili powder, chicken powder, lactose, white pepper powder , Cumin powder, paprika powder, habanero paste / processed starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), Ca carbonate, fragrance, carotinoid pigment, antioxidant (vitamin E), spice extract, acidulant, caramel pigment,
    (partly Including dairy ingredients, wheat, soybeans, chicken and pork)

    Tyrant Habanero Spicy Rings
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