Koeda Twig Maple Syrup

    • White chocolate and mapple syrup crunchy twig from Morinaga

    Koeda Twig Maple Syrup


    • $5.00


    Made by the famous japanese chocolate comapny Morinaga the Koeda chocolate has been sold successfully 1971. The name Koeda (小枝), which means "small twig" in japanese from the cute and thin shape of the chocolate which recall a bush twig.

    Existing in different flavors, discover here a delicious variety of Koeda chocolates that have been influenced by the Canadian culture. Indeed, these slightly hard and yummy chocolate bites have a delicious flavor of traditional and authentic mapple syrup and contain the tasty and high quality chocolate of Morinaga.

    Delicate, soft,, smooth and sweet are the adjectives qualifying these amazing treat, a perfect snack for the afternoon tea time that you are enjoying alone or with your friends !

    • 16cm x 8cm x 3cm
    • 105g
    • Exclusively Made and Sell in Japan
    • Contain 11 packs of 4 sticks
    • 12 months shelf life
    • Morinaga's company product

    Koeda Twig Maple Syrup
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