Toppo Milky Cheese

    • Toppo crispy bread stick filled with real milkpowder

    Toppo Milky Cheese


    • $4.00


    Toppo are also known as "Reverse Pocky". It is also a yummy and crispy bread stick but in contrary to Pocky that usually offer a yummy chocolate topping, Toppo contains some creamy and smooth chocolate fillings.

    Existing in various flavors, this Milky Cheese version contain 2 bags of crunchy biscuits filled with a sweet and tasty cream cheese powder ! Made in Hokkaido, a region of Japan renown for its high quality of dairy products, try the rich flavor of the Japanese Milk !

    These delightful japanese snacks are a the best match with a glass of milk and can be deeped into it. It gives you the best reason to discover and share some japanese sweets with your friend.

    • 160mm x 23.5mm x 90 mm
    • Pack of 2 bags
    • Exist in various version
    • Product of Japan



    Wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar, lactose, starch, shortening, defatted milk powder, cocoa butter, whey powder, sweetened milk powder, whole milk powder, cream powder, cream cheese powder, caramel powder, salt, soybean extract / emulsifier, fragrance, sweetener (Acesulfam K)

    Dark taste milk with cream cheese from Hokkaido. Plenty of chocolate at the end.

    Toppo Milky Cheese
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