Retsuko Crispy Chocolate

    • Retsuko Crispy Chocolate

    Retsuko Crispy Chocolate


    • $4.00


    Aggretsuko is a popular musical comedy anime web television series  broadcasted on Netflix Japan featuring the heroin a cute red panda named Retsuko who is facing the everyday probems and reacting with a lot of emotion.

    This anime has been so successful that the famous Japanese chocolate manufacturer Fujiya developed a range of chocolate at the effigy of the heroine !

    Fujiya "Aggressive Retsuko Crispy Chocolate " is a chocolate that can be chewed and refreshed with a crunchy and firm filling of delicious mixed berries. Conditioned into a cute and funny package faturing Restuko in various moods !

    Why not discovering this this funny and popular anime while eating some of these scumptious chocolate bites ?

    • 55g
    • Black crunch mixed berries flavor
    • Product of Japan
    • Developped by Fujiya
    Retsuko Crispy Chocolate
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