Real Gold Cola Lemon

    • Real Gold tasty and sour lemon cola

    Real Gold Cola Lemon

    Coca Cola Japan

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    Real Gold is a soda brand developped by the company Coca Cola Japan. 

    In addition to its tasty and sweet cola flavor, this carbonated drink can be qualified as an Energy Drink, unlike most of the regulars cola drinks. Containing some Royal Jelly, Vitamins C, B2, B6, Asparagine Amino Acid, and grape sugar sweetener, this refreshing drink was created to bring you energy and boost your day

    Discover the new version of the Real Gold Cola with the aromas of lemon zest for a slighty sour and delicious lemon taste even more refreshing.

    • 490ml
    • Developed by Coca Cola Japan
    • Energy Drink





    Real Gold Cola Lemon
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