Qoo Jelly Mandarin

    • Qoo Jelly drink with fragrance of mandarin

    Qoo Jelly Mandarin

    Coca Cola Japan

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    Qoo Jelly is a famous  and refreshing soft drink made from real natural fruit with no preservatives . Coming into a convenient easy to carry soft bottle, the isothermal matter of the packaging will alow the drink to stay cold during summer.

    Existing in different flavors, Qoo Jelly is a low calorie and healthy drink with a huge amount of Vitamin-D, Iron, Dietary-fibre and Calcium. In addition to its healthy benefits, Qoo Jelly has been appreciated in Japan by the children as well as adults for it's juicy a rich taste of nature fruits !

    Enjoy this good Qoo Jelly, based on an authentic Mikan (japanese mandarin) natural juice

    • 130g
    • 40% fruit juice
    • Product of Japan



    Acidulant, Colouring, Fragrance, Grape, Preservative, Sweetner, Vitamin C, Vitamin D

    Qoo Jelly Mandarin
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