Pringles Mystery

    • Pringles potato chips with a mystery taste to discover

    Pringles Mystery


    • $5.50


    There is no need to describe the Pringles Potato Chips, as we assume that you already all know this famous and tasty snack which is popular all over the world and especially in Japan.

    However we bet that you don' know the Pringles Mysterty ! A special edition only developed for the Japanese market.

    This cool box of Pringles contain some potato chips with an unknown flavour that nobody know. It is interesting to notice that the supposed flavor varie from person to person but the most important thing is that everyone agrees that the taste is amazingly good !

    Get them, try to guess the taste and let us know your idea about it !

    • 55g
    • Pringles Quality guaranteed
    • Sold only in Japan
    Pringles Mystery
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