Pocky Winter Butter Caramel

    • Pocky Winter Butter Caramel

    Pocky Winter Butter Caramel


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    Pocky is one of the most famous sweet snack in Japan that became popular all over the world through the years after its creation in 1960 by the japanese candy manufacturer Glico.

    Basically, it is a crunchy biscuit stick covered with a really tasty chocolate that is easily sharable with your friends. Years after years Pocky became so famous that the brand started to develop many different variety of Pocky for the satisfaction of its customer, and you can find now a huge variery range of these delicious biscuits. Following the season as well, you can discover some limited editions of pocky every years and there is even a "Pocky Day" in Japan every 11th of November to celebrate the numbers 11/11 representing 4 straight sticks !

    The Butter and Caramel Pocky is a rich and buttery caramel version, in bite-size chocolate stick infused with caramel flavor that will melt in your mouth and coming in a luxuary designed box !

    • 205g
    • Product of Japan
    • Pack of 6
    Pocky Winter Butter Caramel
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