Ninja Fuwamaru Tasty Salt

    • Ninja Fuwamaru three flavors snack by Tohato

    Ninja Fuwamaru Tasty Salt


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    Ninja Fuwamaru is a seasonal japanese snack developed by the company Tohato.
    With a light salty taste of 3 kinds of umami (Rishiri kelp, Honbushi, and dried shiitake mushrooms), the fluffy texture of these yummy salty bites will gave you pleasant sensation and will make them melting in your mouth and disappear at the speed of a ninja warrior .
    Contains "Hatomugi" which is an ingredient of Ninja food and Hunger Maru !
    • 105g
    • Exclusively Made and Sell in Japan
    • Best Seller in Japan
    • 12 months shelf life


    Vegetable fats and oils, kelp litz (not genetically modified), white kelp litz (not genetically modified), salt, sugar, bonito powder (89% of kelp), dextrin, protein hydrolyzate, kelp extract powder (dextrin, kelp (Rishiri kelp) 100%), salt), kelp powder, yeast extract powder, shiitake powder, lactose, boiled Iwashi powder, powdered soy sauce, Soda-bushi powder, honeybee extract powder, glucose / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), eggshell Ca, Ca carbonate, swelling Agents, acidulants, sweeteners (sclarose), fragrances,
    (some include eggs, dairy ingredients, wheat, soy sauce, chicken, and pork)
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