Kinoko no Yama Strawberry & Chocolate

    • Meiji chocolate bite with strawberry flavour

    Kinoko no Yama Strawberry & Chocolate


    • $4.50


    Really popular in Japan the Kinoko no Yama (litterally the mountain's mushroom) is a two-layer type of chocolate with a scent of cacao and and a rich and sweet taste of strawberry ! Really cutie made in the shape of a wild mushroom, these chocolates partially topped with stranwberry and chocolate are individually wrapped in order not to melt in you hand.

    • 70g
    • Meiji Manufacturer
    • Exclusiveli Made in Japan



    Wheat flour (domestic production), sugar, cocoa butter, lactose, vegetable oils and fats, whole milk powder, condensed milk products, cocoa mass, shortening, strawberry powder, skim milk powder, isomerized liquid sugar, malt extract, salt, yeast / emulsifier, swelling agent, Fragrances, acidulants, vegetable pigments, antioxidants (rosemary extract), (some include wheat, lactose and soybeans)
    Kinoko no Yama Strawberry & Chocolate
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