Meiji The Chocolate Brazil

    • A meiji rich and tasty chocolate made from Brazilian cocoa
    • Meiji The Chocolate Brazil
    • Meiji The Chocolate Brazil

    Meiji The Chocolate Brazil


    • $5.00


    Meiji is one of the leading Japanese Chocolate and Candy group, since 1938, the company is continuously innovating  in order to always propose multiple range of tasty and original products to its customers.

    "Meiji THE Chocolate" boasts a rich flavor of cacao that has been carefully selected and refined over many years across several regions of Brazil.

    The package contains three chocolate bars with different structures in order to introduce the delighted difference of flavours that chocolate can generates according to its structure.

    By tasting with the "five senses", you can discover the charm of cacao that you have never noticed before.

    Relax and chocolate time at home that would show you the real flavor of cacao !
    • 85g
    • Product of Japan
    • 70% of cacao
    • 24 months life shelf



    Sugar, cocoa mass, vegetable fat, whole milk powder, lecithin (soybean), cocoa butter, flavoring.

    Meiji The Chocolate Brazil
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