Look 4 Strawberry

    • Pack of LOOK  chocolate with 4 different kinds of Strawberry (Koku Amaou, Kaori, Juicy and Sawayaka)

    Look 4 Strawberry


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    LOOK is a brand of several varieties chocolate developed by the japanese chocolate manufacturer Fujiya.

    Renown for its high quality and its delicious taste LOOK offers a various range of chocolate, you can easily compare the different authentic and original chocolates that the company offers and find your favourite one.

    The "Look 4 Strawberry" are assorted chocolate products which will give you the opportunity to discover four differents kind of strawberries coming from four differents regions of Japan, and combine with the high quality and taste of the Fujiya chocolate.

    A mix of the Koku Amaou (from Saga), Kaori (From ShizuokaJuicy (from Tochigi) and Sawayaka (from Nara) strawberries for a delicious and cruchy chocolate with a rich flavor of four strawberries at once !

    Please try and compare the differences between thes 4 tasty chocolate !

    • 85g
    • 4 kinds of milk and strawberries chocolate
    • Product of Japan
    • Content 12 pieces



    Sugar, palm oil, strawberry pure, cacao wads, whole milk powder, strawberry jam cocoa butter, lactose, skim milk, powder alcohol. trehalose emulsifier (soya lecithin), citric acid artificial flavor.

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