Look Kumamoto Chestnut Chocolate

    • Pack of Look chocolate bites with tasty flavours of Sweet Potato and Chestnut

    Look Kumamoto Chestnut Chocolate


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    The fall season is special in Japan. Indeed in addition to the beautiful Momiji colours that you can contemplate, some of the seasonal products such as chestnut or sweet potatoe are really appreciated and consumed in Japan.

    The Kumamoto prefecture, located in the Kyushu Island is really known in Japan for the production of autumn products.

     "Look Kumamoto Prefecture Rihei Chestnut & Beniharu Chocolate" is a solid chocolate developed by the japanese snacks manufacturer Fujiya that mixing sweet potatoe and chestnut chocolate bites in the same package in order to introduce the delicious flavors of these two typycal autumn products.

    • 60g
    • Seasonal Product
    • Fujiya Manufacturer
    • Exclusively Made and Sell in Japan


    Gluten, soya, Cocoa Powder, Yeast,Cocoa Mass, Emulsifier, Baking Soda,Flavouring, Sugar, Vegetable Oil,Lactose, Flour, Powdered Whole Milk,Cocoa Butte, Sweet potatoe and chestnut flavor

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