Kit Kat Purple Sweet Potato

    • Kit Kat delicious white chocolate bars with Okinawa sweet potato
    • Kit Kat Purple Sweet Potato
    • Kit Kat Purple Sweet Potato

    Kit Kat Purple Sweet Potato


    • $17.00


    In addition to the paradise beaches, the crystal clear water and the beauty of the nature, the archipelago of Okinawa is also renown for its traditional and healthy food such as the Beni Imo (べにいも) an original bloody purple sweet potato.

    The Nestle manufacturer took advantage of the image to combine their renown and delicious Kit Kat chocolate bar with this endemic and tasty sweet potatoe !

    Bring some Japanese sun directly into your house with this traditional and unique Kit Kat !

    • 140g
    • Pack of 12 individual bars
    • Exclusively Made and Sell in Japan
    • 12 months shelf life
    • Nestle Manufacturer



    Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Lactose, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Wheat Flour, Purple Sweet Potato (Beni Imo) Powder, Yeast, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Mass, Emulsifier (Soybean), Natural Colourings (Red Beets, Gardenia), Flavor, Baking Soda, Yeast Food.


    Kit Kat Purple Sweet Potato
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