Kit Kat Strawberry Milk

    • Kit Kat delicious white chocolate bars with milky strawberry flavour
    • Kit Kat Strawberry Milk

    Kit Kat Strawberry Milk


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    The popularity of the Kit Kat chocolate bar in Japan comes from its name キットカット (Kitto Katto) whose the expression phonetically means "Surely going to win" (きっと勝)) in Japanese

    The european brand have known a real success in the land of the rising sun since decades and have launched a bunch of different flavors since its entrance into the japanese market.

    For this variety of Kit Kat the richness of strawberry milk is realized by sandwiching strawberry powder and condensed milk powder on the wafer. With four types of strawberry pattern packages that you will want to pick up, you would be able to fold some this cuttie paper to make any kind of origami !

    • Package Dimensions : 6.3x0.9x3.5 inch (0.35 x 2.5 x 1.65 cm)
    • 155g
    • Pack of 12 individual bars
    • 12 months shelf life
    • Exist in various version
    • Product of Japan

      Ingredients :

      Wheat flour, sugar, whole milk powder, palm oil, lactose, cacao-mass, cocoa butter and powder, shortening, strawberry juice and powder, yeast, lecithin, natural color, citric acid. Allergy information: Contains wheat, milk, soybean.

      Kit Kat Strawberry Milk
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