Kit Kat Daily Nuts & Cranberry Ruby

    • Kit Kat Daily Nuts & Cranberry Ruby
    • Kit Kat delicious white chocolate bars topped with dried cranberry and almond flakes

    Kit Kat Daily Nuts & Cranberry Ruby


    • $9.00


    Likewise the Ruby Kit Kat, this variety is made from the fourth top of luxury chocolate called the Ruby Chocolate and made from the ruby cocoa beans.

    Here, the ruby chocolate, which is characterized by its sour sweetness and its natural pink color, is topped with cranberries and almonds, and the crispy texture of Kit Kat is combined with the flavor and texture of nuts and cranberries, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality taste.

    • 115g
    • Pack of 11 individual bars
    • Best Seller in Japan
    • Nestle Manufacturer



    Chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, powdered skim milk), wheat flour, lactose, cranberry processed goods (dried sweeted cranberry processed goods, glucose), lactose, palm oil, almond, sugar, cocoa powder, whole MILK powder, cacao mass, yeast, cocoa butter, emulsifier, guar, flavoring, baking soda, yeast food.

    Kit Kat Daily Nuts & Cranberry Ruby
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