Glico Pretz Karaage

    • Glico Pretz Karaage
    • Glico Pretz Karaage

    Glico Pretz Karaage


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    Developed by the company Glico, considerer the Pretz range like as the savoury version of the famous Pocky !

    Indeed find the same quality and crispiness in the biscuit stick thanks to the high expertise of the japanese snacks manufacturer.

    Karaage is one of the most appreciated japanese dish, it is basically fried breast chicken cooked with some special seasonings. These Pretz are flavoured with this authentic japanese food and offer a delicious taste of friend chicken. The crunchy and light biscuits are covered with a thin layer of salty seasoning and conditioned in an aluminium package to keep the freshness  and the crispiness of this delicious snack !

    Ideally served with a fresh salad, you can also enjoy these delicious biscuit with a light meal during summer for a tasty and healthy lunch !

    • 60g
    • 2 packs per box
    • Product of Japan
    • Dietary fiber 2.2g (per box)
    Glico Pretz Karaage
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