Pikachu Summer Tropical Fruit Soda Gummy

    • Pikachu Summer Tropical Fruit Soda Gummy

    Pikachu Summer Tropical Fruit Soda Gummy


    • $4.00


    Puré are famous japanese candies existing in countless yummy flavors and really appreciated in Japan Usually made from real fruits concentrated juice, this chewy heart shaped gummy candies offer a rich taste of fruits.

    In collaboration with Pokemon, Puré is lauching a limited edition of tropical fruit gummies, shaped in Pikachu for the fans of the most popular japanese anime of all time ! 

    In addition to its good sour flavor and its cute shape and its super cool package featuring our favorite pokemon, this gummy contains Vitamin C and collagen, which is beneficial for health and the skin.

    • 56g
    • Exclusively Made and Sell in Japan
    • Developped by Kanro



     Sugar (domestic production), water candy, gelatin, concentrated juice (lemon), coconut preparation, collagen peptide / acidulant, thickener (pectin), calcium carbonate, fragrance, caramel color, vitamin C, emulsifier , (Some contain milk ingredients, bananas and gelatin)

    These limited-edition Pikachu-shaped lemon gummies pack a punch of citrus flavor. Sweet and sour, they are the perfect treat!

    Pikachu Summer Tropical Fruit Soda Gummy
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