Full of Devils

    • Devil VS Angel delicious and crispy chocolate waffer

    Full of Devils


    • $3.50


    Produced by Lotte, one of the most popular japanese candy manufacturer, this serie became a phenomenon in Japan since the mid 80s when the "Akuma vs Tenshi" series started.

    Discover today a new release of surprised man chocolate cookie full of devils!
    In commemoration of "Devil VS Angel 35th Anniversary", fans will decide the popularity ranking among the devil characters, and the top characters will be newly drawn by the surprise man illustrator.
    In addition, all past devil head characters are the first product project for a surprise man to reprint.

    Be part of the game and get this crispy and delicious wafer chocolate respecting the quality of the Lotte candy maker.

    • 55g
    • Exclusively Made in Japan
    • Lotte Manufacturer



    Sugar, wheat flour, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, lactose, cocoa mass, cookie crunch, whey powder, cocoa powder, starch, shortening, salt / emulsifier (derived from soybeans), swelling agent, caramel color, fragrance

    Full of Devils
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