Alfort Vanilla White

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    • Alfort Vanilla White

    Alfort Vanilla White


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    Delightful and luxurious bite-size  biscuits. Consisting of a soothing white chocolate with a delicious taste of vanilla , these treats have been made with the finest ingredients for a noticeably superior flavour. Really appreciated in Japan these cookies perfectly match with a cup of coffee or tea and are just the right size to take with you anywhere.

    • Package Dimensions : 6.9x3.3.2.8 inch (17x8x1.5 cm)
    • Pack of 12 biscuits
    • 12 months shelf life
    • Exist in various version
    • Product of Japan


    Sugar, wheat flour, vegetable oil (sunflower oil, palm oil, sheanut oil), dry whole milk, shortening (palm oil, coconut oil, fully hydrogenated rapeseed oil), dextrin, nonfat dry milk, cocoa butter, cocoa powder processed with alkali, lactose, creaming powder (milk, sugar), chocolate liquor, emulsifiers (soy lecithin, sucrose fatty acid esters, glycerol esters of fatty acids), leavening agents (sodium bicarbonate, potassium carbonate, ammonium carbonate), natural and artificial flavors, salt, caramel powder, vanilla seeds, trehalose.
    Contains milk, wheat, and soy. May contain egg.

    Alfort Vanilla White
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