About Konbinisan

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About Konbinisan

How did it start ?

Imagine yourself, one among the 15 millions Tokyo's  tourist, walking around the famous area of Asakusa and seeing a huge and colorful store represented by a cute penguin wearing a night hat and seating on a moon and called Donkihote !

Obviously as a barely landed tourist who always had a passion for the japanese culture, the first thing coming in your mind is "Waow ! The japanese marketing is so efficient, let's go in"


Doknihote Konbinisan


First step into the store, and you have no idea of what kind of shop is this, you don't know from where to start, there is so many things, electronics, watches, food, clothes, video games and so on....

You continue walking around, being amazed by this fantastic store and you suddenly see a green Kit-Kat package that you never seen before, then a white one, a blue one, a yellow one...a large range of colorful Kit-Kat around you with countless different flavors that you wanna try, and this is the time that you think to yourself...Oh yeah, Japan is amazing !



Eyes full of twinkle, looking at open-mouthed all these original candies and snacks with funny and cute packages, you suddenly realize that you are not the only one, just next to you another guy is looking the same way at all these products. He is definetely a tourist and because you are travelling alone, you think to why not strike a conversation with this person...

This is how the friendship of the Konbinisan co-founder started !



Sergio and Swan are two european guys coming from europe who randomly met each other during their first trip in Japan. Both of them get acquainted very well from the first coversation as they share a lot in common especially a passion for the japanese culture and their adoration for the japanese snacks and chocolates.


After their first trip in Japan, both of them wanted to get some of the original candies that the various japanese manufacturer offer, but they realize that it was pretty expansive and difficult to get some when you are not in the country.

After thinking of a strategy they decided in 2020 to launch their own online candy store that will propose a large range of different japanese treats at a more reasonable price, to allow the japanese snacks lovers to enjoy their passion for cheaper and this is how Konbinisan was established !

Konbinisan Logo

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